See What It's All About

Join us this Spring 2018 for a week of open house. Every day has free food and events. The location of the house is below.

Most of all, it's a chance for you to see what ZBT is about, meet the Brothers, and possibly consider whether you might be a good addition to our Brotherhood.

Not sure what Rush is? Check out Rush 101.

Who We Are

Zeta Beta Tau at Georgia Tech is a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life. We pride ourselves on being Tech's only non-pledging IFC member fraternity. As a fraternity, we create a lifelong connection with each other, establing the foundation of a brotherhood that will persist long after we've graduated. This brotherhood is much deeper than any friendship can ever be and is what separates us from just a group of guys sharing a house.

A brother will tell another brother when he is in error and support him when he is right. Living together further strengthens this brotherhood. We learn from each other academically, socially, and in character. Even after graduating, many alumni still stick around to continue to reap the benefits of our powerful brotherhood. Because of the brotherhood, we know any brother, whether a Georgia Tech student or not, is a gentleman of good character who can be respected and counted on.

What We Do

Our brotherhood thrives on interaction with each other, our school, and our community. The brothers of ZBT at Georgia Tech live together, learn together, play together, and help together. We recognize a brother's primary goal while at Tech is to receive a degree, which leads to one major component of what we do day to day: helping each other succeed academically.

Still, everyone needs a break now and then and another major portion of our lives is having fun. Living with some of the greatest gentlemen on campus helps us to unwind when the stresses of Georgia Tech are beginning to grow too heavy to bear. The Xi Chapter plays host to several great social events every semester ranging from date nights to brotherhood retreats to parties.

As a part of our lives at Tech and after graduation, it is important for us to give back to our community. Many of our brothers as well as our chapter as a whole are contributors to the community in many different ways. Philanthropy is always an important to us.

Perhaps the greatest thing ZBT has to offer is the fact that all that we do continues for life. Zebes across the nation network together to continue the benefits of brotherhood that they enjoyed while in college.

Why We Don't Pledge

We believe every brother deserves the same respect. Pledgeship can work against the concept of brotherhood, creating a "caste" system within the fraternity and often leads to hazing. When we offer a bid, we have carefully evaluated the candidate for membership in our brotherhood and wish to extend this offer so that the candidate might be allowed to enjoy the benefits of brotherhood and so that we might enjoy what the new brother has to offer the brotherhood. When someone accepts a bid, they are given full brother status right away so that the brotherhood and the new brother can immediately begin to benefit from each other.

New members can join ZBT knowing they won't be asked to do anything against their values. While we may push each other to step beyond our comfort zones, we do it in a positive manner and respect the individual brother's right to decide what is best for him. Pledgship can force someone to be someone they aren't and do things they wouldn't normally do.

Spring Rush Schedule

Tuesday, January 16th

Meet the Brothers

Food: Pizza and homemade ice cream

Wednesday, January 17th

Cookout and Cornhole

Food: Burgers, hot dogs, etc

Thursday, January 18th

Casino Night

Food: Chick-Fil-A

Friday, January 19th

Final Bid Day

Food: Jimmy John's

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